Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Super

Someone gave Jonah a Superman suit.

And I let him wear it.

Mistakes were made.

I'm not the perfect parent.

But see, the thing is, I may as well box up his entire wardrobe now, cuz he'll never wear it again.

I actually made him the cape (before the suit made it's appearance) for Christmas, and he loves it. Kids love capes. It's a fact. And I don't really mind a cape over regular clothes.

But the suit... oooooh, the suit. The "piece de resistance".

It's not like he just decides to "play dressup" and be Superman for an hour.

No, he's pretty much always Superman. He gets up in the morning and he's Superman. He plays Superman all day. He puts on his snowpants, coat, gloves, hat, and boots over his suit, with his cape over the coat (so he can still fly) and he's Superman to the goats and chickens and cats while we do barn chores in the evening. He fights imaginary monsters, he play-punches with his brother (who loves play punching), he flies. He chases me around pushing a package of toilet paper on the floor and telling me it's a submarine blowing up the "mother ship".

Hey, no one said this Superman has to make sense.

Ya know, I think that thing needs to go in the laundry. Again.

Evan's newest superpower is just as funny:

Ha HA! What can I get into here? Heh heh heh...

So. Where's my superpower? I could use a couple. How about "clean up the house really really fast" or "do without sleep indefinitely". Those would be good superpowers. I wanna superpower.


  1. He is so very five.

    Alyssa had a purple princess gown that was her aunt's bridesmaid's dress and twelve sizes too big. She wore that for months or years. Then there is that Indian outfit. If it wasn't an actual costume being worn every day it would probably just be a favorite tee shirt that is worn all day and night (Peter.)

  2. Haha, Mom, I was just about to mention my dress-up days....

    The last picture made me die inside. Just sayin'

  3. Loraine gave me a keychain a couple of years ago that says, "I make milk. What's your superpower?" So you do have a superpower!

  4. Carissa-- I love that! Now, if only I could just hang around making milk all day...