Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coming in for a Landing

We made it! Alive and mostly well, to boot.

The trip went as well as can be expected when you consider early morning flights with a baby and little to no sleep to speak of.

Preventing the baby from shattering the eardrums of fellow passengers was our primary mission, and we were mostly successful. I'm so glad Nathan was there to take turns with me. I've been trying not to think about doing it myself on the way back... But I'm not thinking about it, remember?

I, myself, was probably the most miserable. I had literally not slept the night before (we were at a friend's house for the few night hours before heading to the airport at 3:30, and the baby didn't want to sleep in a strange bed and... ugh.) and I just can't sing the Happy Song without sleep. So-- extra glad for my dear husband's level-headed company.

I'll have you know that I wrote several hysterical and hilarious blog posts in my head as I sat there trying to keep my fish in feather. You'll be thanking me that I forgot it all and didn't get it written down.

Jonah's a pro, however. He's been doing this since he was younger than Evan, and he can cope pretty well now. He didn't have as much sleep as he usually does, but he did fine until the end when he was visibly wilting and had a headache from the pressure changes. But still, I was impressed with this kid.

I've always packed a special backpack for him, full of surprises and things to keep him entertained in the long hours of sitting. I realized this time, though, that I really don't need to pack quite so many things for him anymore. His attention span is a lot longer than it used to be and he doesn't need a pile of little things to go through. I think he would be fine with a book, a couple toy planes, and some music to listen to. Those things can keep him entertained for hours.

So we're here, and recovering and settling in.

There's lots of baby-snuggling happening.

...when he's not sleeping, that is. I don't think he's ever slept so much in his life. He just needs it to recover. It was difficult at first to be okay with a new bed, but once I got him over that, he practically begs to lay in it. When I stand by his bed to lay him down for a nap, he leans out of my arms and smiles when I put him down in it. And then he konks out for 3 hours or so.

But everyone is having a great time with him. He's just so fun right now.

Last night after supper, Dad was telling a rollicking good story (he's good for those).

The more the story went on, in Dad's big booming voice...

...the more concerned Evan became. He didn't howl, but he was a little freaked, and relieved when the story ended.

Did I mention the baby-snuggling?

Yeah. Lots of that.

It sucks that everyone has to tank up on it once a year and we can't just do this all the time.

But I guess we take what we can get.


  1. Oh Kate what bliss. I'm sorry you are so tired but that baby is so beautiful. Those are some huge blue eyes! When we don't get to have our families close by we appreciate them so much more. Whatever magic is in that bed you need to take it home with you. Hopefully Evan is feeling better now.

  2. Oh man! Those pics of Evan in your dad's lap are hilarious!
    What fun you guys are having! I love family time...

  3. the pictures of Evan listening to your dad's story!!! Hilarious!