Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is how we went out to do barn chores tonight:

Usually, Nathan and Evan hang out in the house while Jonah and I do chores together in the evening. Tonight, Nathan wasn't home, and Evan was refusing to take a nap, so I bundled him up, strapped him on and out we went. (I did wear a jacket, too...)

Normally when I do this, Evan cries when I sit down to milk because he doesn't like me sitting still, but this time he just did this the whole time:

It was kinda cute, I gotta say.


  1. Oh! Sweet little helper! I love this image- you,milking with the little one.

    While in a JACKET! Hello! It's still in the mid-80's here (and we think that's actually 'cool' weather).

  2. good thing your a strong woman! kinda cute? are u serious? well considering that you weren't smiling I guess u r serious. But i would say that is definitely, absolutely, for certain sure, cute. That baby is growing like a weed!