Saturday, October 30, 2010


Right now, my kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it. It's a disaster-zone.


~Cracked Wheat Dinner Rolls for the harvest/Reformation potluck at church tomorrow - rising

~Pickled jalapenos - waiting to be labled and put away

~Hard cider - brewing

~Cider vinegar, some awesome, some smelling vomitous, from last year - needing to be bottled/dumped accordingly

~Apple pie, also for potluck - baked

~Dishes - piling up

~Cyser "must" - waiting for more shaking to dissolve the honey

~Tomatoes - in various stages of ripeness and needing... something

~A box of buttercup squash - needing to find a place to live

~Jonah's bowl of potato salad from lunch - wasted

~A bowl of whey from draining yogurt - hanging around until I get around to dumping it on the garden

~Pecan cinnamon rolls, made by a dear friend who visited me yesterday - calling my name

~A gallon jar of raw, unfiltered honey from my next door Amish neighbors - sticky

~Two gallons of sauerkraut - fermenting

~A heaping bucket of compost - waiting for a certain boy to carry it out to the pile

~A bucket of jerusalem artichoke tubers - dug yesterday and needing to be taken to the root cellar

~Leftover Bierochs - for supper

~A cute little person in an ugly little chair - watching my every move and trying to get my attention with smiles and coos

Did I mention the mess? I'm trying to ignore it.


  1. You're kitchen's not THAT big! Can you walk through?

    You made bierochs?

    Give me that baby!

  2. I'll take the baby you clean up the mess!

  3. Thank you for posting this. It so beautifully portrays the lives of nutrient-obsessed moms with little kids and big hearts. Hugs to you.
    - AZ in NH

  4. Thanks for visiting, AZ, and for your kind comment! I try not to be too obsessed, but I do love yummy food...