Monday, May 17, 2010

Say Whaaaaa...?

I just came across a blog that is both hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

My OB Said WHAT?

It's a collection of misguided quotes from doctors and nurses to pregnant and postpartum mothers. Like this gem:

“There’s no proof that vaginal birth doesn’t cause some sort of brain injury! It compresses the baby’s head!” -OB to mother prenatally.

...or this:

“Well, we should go ahead and schedule you for a cesarean section. Baby is measuring a week ahead and going to be big.” -OB to mother at 26 week prenatal appointment.

Yeah. Whoa...

(Just for balance, they do post some kind and considerate quotes as well. I'm not saying OBs are all bad or anything... but ya gotta admit, there is an awful lot of misinformation being perpetuated out there!)


  1. I can only read so much of that stuff. It give me hypertension.

  2. My midwife told me about this site a couple of babies ago. I agree, I could only read so much. Makes me too angry.

  3. ummmmmmm.......excuse me??? Vaginal births cause brain injuries? Oh man, that is too much, TOO MUCH! My favorite thing an OB ever said to me was when I was explaining my desire for an unmedicated birth. He kindly LAUGHED IN MY FACE! Let's just say that was my last appt. with him. What was I thinking? He ran around his practice drinking 'ensure'.