Saturday, May 22, 2010

Greased Lightening

Jonah was demonstrating to me how he shoots lightening from his eyes.

Evidently, the sunglasses are to protect us from the harmful heat and radiation which emanates from his uncovered eyes.

Because as soon as he removes those glasses, watch out! Sparks and fire are let loose to the accompaniment of strange sound effects and flying spit.

Ever triumphant, the lightening-eyed boy!

Oh, and can I just mention?

Apologies for the blur, but this photo demonstrates it most--
he looks so. much. like. his Daddy. Some days the resemblance is heart-stopping for this smitten Mommy.


  1. Someone has been watching too much "X-Men." Cyclops Jonah?

    Nice photos. Dig 'em.

  2. The kid doesn't even know of the existence of "X-Men". I don't know where he gets this stuff. He seems to know all about Spiderman and Batman, too.