Friday, February 12, 2010


Nathan and Jonah have developed the habit of playing together for a little while before supper. Jonah looks forward to it all day, and has a hard time not pestering his Daddy to "Play with me!" all day when Daddy is trying to study.

As I write this, they're flying airplanes around as they wait for their supper to be ready. They often end up having wars of various sorts these days. I laughed when I overheard this from Jonah:

"We're going to have a battle and throw bombs at each other! When you throw bombs at me, you'll miss. But when I throw bombs at you, I won't miss!"

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  1. What sweet memories. When is the new little one to make an entrance into the world? I caught up on your blog today and really liked what you had to say about nonsense rhymes and their educational value. I agree.
    i think I had most of Mother Goose memorized by age 5. Having fun is wonderful for everyone!