Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fair Day

We took the kids to the county fair on Sunday evening. 

Before that, it was very important to lounge around on the couch and take naps and all that to store up some energy for the massive undertaking that is navigating the fair with little kids.

Evidently, I was too busy having fun to take very many pictures.  The kids really loved seeing all the animals, even though we have lots of animals at home.  And Jonah and I looked through the exhibits and pipe-dreamed about what we want to enter next year.  Being at the fair always makes me miss entering things and I make all sorts of plans for next year, but when it comes around again, I'm just too busy to get to it.  BUT.  We totally could have won the "largest potato" contest, so next year, baby.  Next year.

And then we made a little parenting slip-up that I laughed about when I realized it at home.

"And now you can ride some rides, guys!" we said.

And they were like, "Uh.  Okay."

Evan and Andrew did not ask to ride rides.

They couldn't have cared less about riding rides.

They were quite happy to look at all the rides from the safety of our hand-holds.

In fact, they might have been a tad bit nervous.

Okay, so they rode two rides.  They were fine on the kiddy train, even if they completely couldn't have cared less.  Evan got a little upset about getting on the ferris wheel with Daddy, but was fine after a few minutes, though again, he really didn't see the point.

I think we've just gotten so used to the rides being a big deal for Jonah over the last few years, that we totally went on autopilot and didn't think about it for the little guys.  We just did it.  They're 2 and 3 years old for cryin' in a bucket.   We totally could have saved that four bucks.

Not a big deal, I guess, but I really laughed about it later.

And actually, Jonah wasn't that into rides this time around, either.   Last year he discovered the joys of riding rides with friends, and going alone just doesn't hold so much excitement for him now.

Corndogs, however.  

Now those were a pretty big hit all around.

I watched the 4-H kids milling around with their animals and projects, and it occurred to me that the day may not be far off when we'll be spending plenty of time at the fair every year.  For now, we'll enjoy our one afternoon each year.  It's probably a short-lived phenomenon.


  1. I remember the same thing with Sam and Pete. "Why in the world did I buy them ride bracelets? They went on TWO rides!"
    Corndogs- I haven't had one in decades. DECADES.
    Great shot of you and the baby.

    1. Yeah, Nathan said he ate lots of corndogs as a kid, and I said that was probably my second one. Ever.

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  3. Clayvessel, I loved reading your blog (long-time Mongolian fan here) and looking at your cake & pie pics. Might I be allowed access?

  4. I love the pic of you and baby and that one of Nathan with the two, carrying them like a pro! I never had a corn dog till I met the Diers family! Isn't that funny!