Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cameo Appearances

Here she is, ready for her close-up.


Who is this?!?

He's ruining my shots!

Awwww... Pretty wittle pink tights!

What a beautiful dolly!

Work it, baby!


Well, I never!

Can't you goofs be serious?


  1. Andrew and Evan latch onto me big time. I'd love to play with those two. Your whole family is adorable!!! Cracks me up how you've endorsed pink. Personally I LOVE pink!

  2. Whoa. Evan looks six years old in that photo! Looking at the future, right there. And where'd he get crocs?

    Eleanoooooorrrrr!!!!!Come to grandma!!!!

    1. He does look older in that photo. The Crocs are second-generation hand-me-downs. He adores them. And always wears them on the wrong feet. I need to find a pair for Andrew...

  3. I love following your family! I have been reading your blog for five and a half years now - Oh my! I also used to read your Mum's blog, but seem unable to log into it now. Has she made it private?
    Just love having a little snippet into your lives.
    Thank you

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad to have a few loyal readers. :-)

      Unfortunately, Mom has had to stop blogging. She was getting some serious harassment and has had to minimize her online presence. She has thought about making a private invite-only blog. If she does, you'll certainly be invited.

    2. Jules! Nice to hear from you. Send me an email so that I have your address.

  4. Thank you Katie! I honestly do love reading about what you are all getting up to, and your babies (you only had Jonah when I first started) and life is so different in your part of the world to mine.(Plus loved your Mums blog too)
    Whenever I look and see there is a new post from you I give a little 'Yay!'
    Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us! :-)

  5. PS. Meant to say sorry that your Mum has been having some trouble. What is wrong with people?! Hope all is ok for her now.x