Monday, March 18, 2013

Late Winter Days...

 ...are good for lots of reading...

...always better with a buddy.

And these late winter days are good for gathering maple sap...

...which is good for teaching boys to work.

I heard recently that some people hang milk jugs on the trees to collect the sap.  I thought that seems a little silly since you'd have to empty them multiple times per day when the sap is running well.  Nathan replied that he has heard several adults complain about that job when they were children... emptying the jugs over and over each day.  Our boys should be thankful we have buckets!

So far the temperatures haven't been good for making the sap run well, but we're still praying it'll get better.  

And Strawberry picked a good late winter day to have a baby!

Actually, it was the middle of the night.  A short night-- the night that we changed the clocks for daylight savings.  And her one big buck kid wasn't quite in a good position to be born and needed a little help getting out, but we managed, and he made it just fine.

Poor cute, little, stubby-eared guy.

We were all very disappointed, actually, that he's not a girl.  We wanted a doe kid to keep, but he's the only kid we get this year, so I guess he won't be staying long.

Aaaaand this is Strawberry's opinion of my paparazzi efforts.

Or, maybe she just wants this late winter to turn into spring, too.

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  1. Oh wow- I bet that was a hard Sunday morning at church. Losing sleep and up helping mama goat? Yikes!
    It is strange for me to think of March as late winter. Here it is full on spring. 80 degrees and all that. Looks like your little ones are passing the days well though!