Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On February

I'd like to hold a vote to cut the month of February from the calendar.  Yes, even though my birthday is in that month (and the birthdays of lots of other people I know), I would still be happy to see it go.


Winter is really not my thing, but I have made some degree of peace with winter.  Probably as much as I ever will.  Now with the rest of the year so terribly busy, the slowdown of winter is kinda nice.  It's good to have a bit of a break.  But by February, it never fails that I am just over it.  And I still have March to go.  We're in the house, all the time, and we're stir crazy, for sure.

We read, we do school, we bake, we fight, we clean, we squabble, we make epic messes.  Sometimes Mama looses her cool all over everybody.

I'm ready to go outside now.  And the blowing snow and the howling wind is not what I have in mind when I say that.

Legos reign supreme.  Whether building complex robots and ships, or stirring them in jars with screwdrivers, or spreading them all over the floor, those things provide endless entertainment.  Those and the trains (and often the two together).  But you read the part about "epic messes", right?

And what better to do when you're stuck in the house than eat yummy things?  For Valentine's Day, Jonah and I made chocolate peanut butter sandwich hearts for a treat.

And today, just for fun, I made doughnuts.   Why on earth do I undertake complicated projects with so much chaos in my house and little people under my feet?  I dunno.  I get a little nuts in February.

February will end.  And then March will come in like a lion.  And then things reeeeally get crazy.  So I try to keep reminding myself to enjoy the slow (but nuts) time right now while it's here.

Yeah.  That.  But for now, I have more legos to step on.


  1. I hear ya! I'll sign the petition too!

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  3. Legos, peanut butter cookies and doughnuts...you guys rock February. Love it. :D

  4. I'm another February baby, and I feel the same way. Though I'm not sure if I don't find March even harder, because in my mind March should be the beginning of spring, but around here, though March can be an improvement, we always, always get new snow in April. Siiiiiigh...

    But! Spring will come! It's milder, the days are appreciably longer. It's on its way!(I'm ignoring the 20 cm of new snow that fell last night. IGNORING. IT.)