Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No New is No News

That's right, still no baby.

And it's not for lack of hoping, anticipating, begging, praying, and trying every folk remedy in the book.  (I read that eating lots of pineapple will start labor... maybe I should go buy a pineapple...).

Jonah came up with one, too.  Last night after he was in bed, he came down with something to say.  Very Earnestly: "Mom.  To help you have the baby, I'm going to make you the best medicines I know.  I'm going to make you, um... some hot water, and some cold water and some vinegar water, and those will help!  You drink them, and they help to puuuuush the baby out!"

He elaborated a little more, still Extremely Serious, and I thanked him and valiantly held in my giggles until he was heading back upstairs.

I had all but forgotten about it this morning when I stumbled down the stairs, achy and lacking in sufficient sleep, but the first thing Jonah said to me was, "Mom, I got your medicine ready."

Oh dear.

Sure enough, on the counter where I make breakfast were three tall glasses of water.  One warmish (I saw the pan on the stove he had used to heat it!), one cold (the ice cubes had long since melted) and one with vinegar in it (that's our go-to remedy for everything around here-- raw cider vinegar for tummy-aches, indigestion, hiccups...).

What could I do but drink them? (not all at once-- oof)  I thanked him for his help, and he gravely told me that we would do it every day and it would make the baby come soon.

At those odds, he can't loose.

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