Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's endlessly raining and dreary, and that, above, is what my windows look like.  But I just had to take pictures anyway...  It was irresistible.

 We have this nutcase male cardinal hanging around our house these days.

Why does he behave this way?

Is he on drugs?



Did his mate lock him out of the nest and throw all this things out on the branch?

(I think she should really consider a restraining order.)

 He's relentless, whatever is wrong with him.

For two solid days, he's been dive-bombing all the windows of our kitchen and living room.

 It's rainy and cloudy, so I don't think he's going after his reflection.

 He has a mate around, I saw them together last night, when he took a brief break from repeatedly accosting my kitchen.

 Between attacks, he sits on a branch or post near the house and sings a fierce-sounding song.

Then he does it again.

 And again, and again, and again.

He and his mate have been hanging around the yard for months now.  They're never brave enough to come near the house to the feeder, so this is indeed strange.  When we had the chickens fenced into the garden for a month or so, they regularly raided the chicken feeder.  I've watched them from the windows quite often.

Now that I think of it, there is no longer chicken feed out there since the chickens are loose in the yard.  

Perhaps he's trying to get a message across to me...

"More corn, or else!"


  1. That is disturbingly hilarious! Great pictures despite the focal difficulty too.

    Even in cloudy weather the windows are still going to be reflective, maybe in a way that mirrors his colors. Maybe he thinks he's attacking another male cardinal moving in on his territory?

  2. Now you should watch The Birds....

    ...And find yourself unable to walk outside.

  3. He IS exhausted! He sits there and pants for a minute, then goes back to hitting the window every 15 seconds.

    He's still at it this morning.

  4. Tape some papers up on the window that he's hitting and see if he stops.