Friday, March 11, 2011

Yes Day

We have cabin fever.  The worst. Miserable.  Yes, spring is coming.  But it's not here, cuz we're still stuck in the house.  It's still too cold and windy to spend much time outside.  We went and tramped around in the field a couple days ago because I just couldn't stand it any more.  But when the wind came up and Evan started sucking breath, we had to bring our snotty noses back inside.  I'm tired of bopping around this box all day with an endless stream if toys and clutter and laundry and dishes.  Guh.  I long to be outside all day.

I recently heard about something called "Earthing."  Yes, it's for real.  It seemed a little crazy to me at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I think that's why my sanity deteriorates so quickly in the winter, in spite of all the cod liver oil I take.  My feet have not touched the ground in months.  The premise of this is that we are made to absorb the natural energy frequencies from the earth, and many people never even touch the ground with their bare skin.  It makes sense to me.  I always anticipate going out barefoot in the spring.  To me, it's like and electric shock, but pleasant and addictive.  I look forward to it.  In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to do it, but the snow and wind is a bit of a deterrent.  I'm convinced that this is half my problem.  Lacking sunshine on my skin is the other half.  I actually want to buy or make a grounding device to help get me through the winter.

I'm trying to cope, but I'm loosing my grip.  The boys are bored.  It doesn't help that Evan is teething miserably slowly and nothing pleases him at all.  I've been getting out toys that I've had stashed away that the boys have not seen.  We read, a lot.  We've been watching Jacques Cousteau documentaries.  (Yes, actually.)

Today, we had a "yes day".  I said "yes" to pretty much everything. 

Make a boat with an egg carton?  Absolutely. 

Test it in the bathtub?  Sure thing. (Actually that turned into a fun "science" project in which we try to see how much stuff we could balance on the carton before it sunk.  Fun!  Educational!  Distracting!)

Popcorn for lunch?  Why not, let's do it.

Deep sea diving in the bathtub all afternoon?  Yep.  (Wait, snorkeling with a straw?  Um, sure, but only under supervision.)

Sit and rock in the rocking chair to avoid the screaming?  Do I have a choice?  

I also said "yes" to myself about ice cream for a snack and online shopping for diaper covers and reading blogs all afternoon.

Maybe I'm not being productive today, but I'm not tying up my kids, either.  And they're having some fun.


  1. Earthing in the winter?? ... is that like having a people litter box in the basement to go stand in 30 min a day? It might catch on. Anyway it sounds like fun. - Bill

  2. How about a small wading pool filled with dirt and standing in it in a garage? Would that work? With a really high-powered work lamp shining on you; those things can get pretty warm.
    I, too, look forward to barefoot days outside.

  3. You are right, you need some sun. You can buy machines that put out sunlight energy. It used to be Ecoquest now it's some other name.
    I couldn't take a long winter. Do you have a sunny window where you could plant an indoor garden box? I"m thinking about making something in the kitchen that could grow lettuces and herbs without bugs. I wear flip flops or nothing all summer. I have to get my feet and hands in the ground too. It makes me feel better too. I wish I could share some sun with you. I wish you could come visit me. We would have so much fun.