Sunday, December 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Family Photo Session

We all know how it goes... it ain't easy, folks...

Keep the baby happy while the camera is being set up.

Try to stave off the crying.

Time for a bribe! Stop crying! Smile!





Smile! Click!


The natives are getting restless.

Smile! Click!


Wait! One more! Click!

Stand still! Smile!

One more!

Okaaaaayy... just one more! Smile!

Let's tell funny jokes... smile!

Now to actually order prints and hope my editing will look okay in print... (on second thought, methinks I'll go back out the red a little more...)

Memo for next time: Make sure no one is wearing bright red or pure white (post processing nightmare!), make sure tummies are full and naps are had. Get a tripod. Also-- DIY flash diffuser is awesome!


  1. I think all of them make it very fun. Can you send out the series? talk about real. Everybody will laugh because they can relate!!

  2. That diffuser is so simple it's like totally wow.

    Now where do you get one of those plastic canister thingies. I've never seen one before...

    For prints, I've heard good things about It's great for general consumer prints. If you want a shop that is used to working with pros or higher-level amateurs, I can recommend and whcc (which is local here) will require you to submit five 8x10's. They will then send you free prints to use as a baseline to adjust your other photos. I think Bay Photo does something similar.