Friday, August 13, 2010

In Which I Show You Some Stuff

Baby's napping, sooo-- quick blog post! There are some things I've been wanting to share with you all, so I'll just cram it all into one post right now while I have the chance!

First, these pretty sunflowers I planted in my garden this year are going great guns right now. They're called "Cherry Rose" and are a small, multiheading sunflower and I think they're gorgeous!

And then there's this little surprise:

In a plant order this spring, I had ordered two "Purple d'Oro" reblooming daylillies. I planted them near my garden fence (so they can spread around there and hide the fence, but still be chicken-impervious) and certainly didn't expect blooms this year. And low and behold-- they got buds! But as it turned out... they look nothing like "Purple d'Oro". In fact, the petals aren't even the same shape as the "d'Oro" type daylillies. How... odd. I can only assume they must have accidentally sent the wrong thing, but... I love them! They're gorgeous! I mean... red! I love red. I just hope they're rebloomers, or I'll be a little bummed...

A dear friend made this as a gift for Evan:

Isn't that ADORABLE? I almost (almost!) can't wait for winter so he can wear it. I have no doubt that it will fit him, either, even thought it's big on him now, since he seems to have inherited the melon-of-planetary-proportions from my side of the family (*I* don't have a big head, but you should see my brother, Kris's, dome!).

Here's Nathan doing what we call "The Baby Float":

It's Evan's preferred position. Guaranteed to stop the fussing (oh, the fussing!), every time. Better results are obtained the further out he is held from the body. He likes to levitate.

Now, here's something that could have been awful, but is actually only a curious anomaly.

Notice the little crease just right of center on Evan's upper lip. On the upper edge of his lip, there's a little bit of skin that's different from the rest of his lip. Then there's a little mark going up to his nostril and his nostril is a slightly different shape from the other one.

You can see the mark a little better in this picture:

We think that Evan almost (or at one time during his development) had a cleft lip. It's easier to see in real life than in these photos, but there is definitely a mark from it. Evidently it closed up just in time. And we're so thankful! To me, it's like God is saying, "Look, see that I am taking care of you!"

I also wanted to get a picture of Evan's cute little double hair-swirl on the back of his head, but he's pretty much rubbed all his hair out (making him look even more like a little old man from my Dad's family, complete with the "fringe" around the back) and is quite bald, making the double swirl hard to see. So I'll just have to wait until he grows some more fuzz up there!

And now I'll leave you with a gratuitous photo of couple of cheeseballs:


  1. Maybe you just drank to much which provoked the cleft lip thing. XD

    I want to hold Evan. Badly.

  2. The sunflower photo is excellent!

    And also the smiling monkeys. More please!

  3. Need photo of Evan in the bear hat, stat.

  4. lol at that drinking comment!

    I love your daylily too. Maybe next year you and I will trade some. I have so many kind but I am still collecting more. I want to be a crazy lady with a 100 different kind!

  5. Hot Belly Mama-- Yes, we will certainly have to swap! I love daylillies and I want to have a collection, too. Right now I have only three, but I'll work on that...

  6. Wow I totally see the cleft lip thing how amazing! I think your right. Love the sunflowers. Seems like the company you bought the purple d oro should still send you some.

  7. Being in the care of the Lord - no better place or feeling. Amazing.

    And my Ethan has what my daughter calls double-swirlies even though my beautician mom says it's a double crown. Don't you know it means he's going to be super smart? So there you go.