Friday, June 11, 2010

He Looks Out For Me

We're starting a bathroom remodel. ("We" being relative. Brains, brawn, etc.) Yes, 4 weeks before the baby is due. Long story. More about that later. That's only background for this little exchange between Jonah and I.

Yesterday a friend graciously helped me wash the walls (and scrub the ceiling!) to get them ready to paint. Today, I was trimming up some peeled paint in the upper corners that I've been meaning to take care of since a taping disaster four years ago when I first painted that room. (Don't ask.) Jonah came in and watched for a few minutes.

Jonah: "Mom... are you sure you can be on a stepladder?"

Me: "Um... why not?"

J: "But are you sure it's okay?"

M: "What's wrong with it?"

J: "Well... I think maybe we should have a lift in here, and we can use the controls to lift you up and that would be safer."

Ain't he sweet?


  1. Better yet, a bed could be put on the lift, and you could just lay in bed while you scrape the walls. XD

    Haha, he's just too cute, though. :D