Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raw Milk as Soil Enhancer

I just read this fascinating article over at the Green Pastures blog (that's the company that sells that wonderful high-vitamin cod liver oil that we use). It's all about how the owner of Green Pastures has been using raw milk sprayed on his fields to increase the grass production and quality. It just makes so much sense! I've heard of using milk to combat fungal diseases and sometimes even insect problems, but I always seem to forget about that when I'm in the throes of garden war-fare. Last summer, we were just overflowing with milk from our two goats, so I made a lot of cheese (and we're still eating that cheese...). If we have the same situation again this year, I'm thinking I may not have so much time to make cheese. Looks like I've found another excellent use for that extra milk! (And boy, does my soil ever need enhancing, let me tell you...).

Here's the article:
Applying Raw Milk to Soil

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