Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seen and Heard in PDX

I love the Portland airport. It's my favorite of all the airports I've been through. It's not overly huge so it's quite manageable. It's well-designed. And it's very "Pacific Northwest".

For example, yesterday after we got through the security checkpoint, we bought some bottles of water, and then sat down in this lovely little nook where someone was playing beautiful music on a grand piano.

Yes, a real grand piano, parked right there behind the airport security lines. Notice all the sunlight streaming in through the windowed ceiling and also the lovely green potted plants growing there so happily. It was strange-- such serenity juxtaposed with the hustle and stress of air travel.

We sat down at the nearest little table, though we soon moved to a table by the window so that Jonah could watch airplanes while we listened to the lovely music.

I do love me some good, discreet people watching. So in the few minutes that we sat at that table, I noticed something interesting.

See there? Yeah, behind the kid with the cheezy grin.

That's right. Ipod Guy.

10 feet away from some wonderful, live piano music is a guy with his ears all full of his ipod.


Talk about juxtaposition.

Some people.

I just don't get it.

I, for one, would rather listen to the piano, and yes, I tipped the pianist.

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