Sunday, April 6, 2014


It's been a long winter, and I've tried to keep a steady stream of projects going to help it pass.  At least I can feel like I've accomplished something while we've been cooped up, and when we are outside all the time, I can fully focus on outside things without being quite so pulled to the inside projects that pile up.

Last week I was bit by a little sewing bug.  I love to sew if I can do it without interruption (nap time is golden) and when I'm fairly unrestricted in my creative flow.  I like to just create things and wing it and make it up as I go. 

I don't do so well with patterns, is what I'm saying.  

Also, I have this little girl, and one great things about having a little girl is making her pretty things!  I intend to do lots and lots of this.

I have lots of cute hand-me-down clothes for her, but surprisingly few skirts and dresses, at least in the size she's wearing right now.  I have all sorts of scrap fabric around and it doesn't take much for a little baby skirt, so I made a few for my little Eleanor.

I really love the trim on this one-- it's just grosgrain ribbon that I folded and pleated as I sewed.  I was really patting myself on the back about it until I got done and found that it makes the hem very stiff.  It's kind of like a hoop skirt... or a lampshade.  But it's still cute.

And when I asked her to model the little green and yellow skirt, she protested.  I guess she wasn't getting paid enough for this gig.

So those were quick and easy and fun and I still want to make a blue one (she looks adorable in blue with her bright blue eyes), but I don't seem to have so much blue fabric around.  I'll pick up a couple of fat quarters in some pretty blues to make a blue skirt.

 It's getting warm enough for skirts now (and it's about time, lemmetellya) and she should be able to wear these all summer.


  1. Oh what a lovely surprise, pictures and a post ! Ellenore is adorable and looks so cute in her pretty skirts. Happy Easter!

  2. I hate to say it but she might hate green. MY baby girl did and she had very particular taste in colors of her clothes by 3 years. It was nothing I encouraged either! cute and fun making up things for your little dollie she is such a cute baby