Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better Watch Out

Imagine you're just lying around, minding your own business, looking cute, as usual.

When suddenly, out of nowhere...

You're attacked!  By a sweaty, four-eyed, baby-eating giant!

But you're used to it.  So it's okay.


  1. And keeping her eye on the camera all the time.

    I keep saying it- she's so girly!!


  2. Your children are just so adorable!

  3. Oh little punkin girl! See what cute babies do to me? I start using words like "punkin". Can't help it- she is one.

    ps: We got goats. And I've been wanting to tell you, but not wanting to write a whole darn blog post about it. So here is my sneaky way! We have 2 mini La Manchas. One is in milk and one is pregnant. We are having lots of fun with them- and swimming in milk.