Tuesday, February 12, 2013


In my kitchen there is a stuffed, towel-holding, decorative snowman that someone gave me.  He's a cute little winter decoration, if not very practical.  I mean, he holds little kitchen towels, except that he doesn't, because the towels are always scattered around the kitchen by little munchkins.

A few minutes ago, I saw Evan pick up the snowman from his perch and cuddle him in his arms.  Evan started to croon to the snowman in the sweetest little voice as he walked into the living room: "Hi, Sowman!  C'mere, nice Sowman.  Awwww... Come sit on couch.  Ah suggoh [snuggle] ah me..."

...and he climbed up onto the couch and found a pillow and blanket...

...and snuggled up with his new little friend.

Evan LOVES to snuggle, and asks for  "suggoh couch" repeatedly every day.  I guess when Mommy's busy, he can always find someone else...

Andrew likes his snuggles, too.  He has chosen the only baby doll in our house --an ugly, naked little thing-- to be his baby.

I say, "Find your baby, Andrew!" and he searches for her, snuggles her in his neck, gives her some big sloppy smooches...

...and chucks her back in the toy box.

At least she seems to take her parental neglect with good humor.

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  1. Well, that's more attention than Daughter ever gave her dolls. She should consider herself lucky. :P