Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh... Christmas Tree

We finally got around to putting up our Christmas tree.  We've been so busy we weren't even sure when we'd fit it in.  I admit that I suggested skipping it, but... no way.

We have fun traditions around this that include music, food, and Mommy feeding Daddy bites of sausage and crackers while he tries to figure out why half the light-string is dead.

The more kids involved, the more fun, in my opinion.

Andrew was a little hesitant, at first.

But he watched Evan doggedly decorating the same two branches and then he just had to join in.

He mostly stayed close to the table and inhaled slices of sausage (yeah, you don't even want to know what his diaper was like this morning), but then he demonstrated his enthusiasm by kissing a snowman.

We all agreed that this might be among our strangest-looking tree yet, but I think that's getting to be a tradition as well.  When the trees come from our own yard with no grooming whatsoever, what you get is... what you get.  I don't think we would know what to do with a "perfect" tree.

But when the 7-year old is exclaiming repeatedly about how beauuuuuutiful our Christmas tree is, perfection hardly matters.

And speaking of "perfection":  I do not redistribute the ornaments after the kids go to bed.  However they put them on is how they stay.  They get moved around over and over everyday anyway!  Nathan and I just couldn't stop chuckling over Evan's "favorite branch" decorating style.

 There is just no way I'm changing that.


  1. Maybe he'll start a new trend. That last photo is gorgeous.

    I cannot wait! for you guys to come!!

  2. Hey, as long as the tree glitters and sparkles, it's a fine Christmas tree.
    I see your camera doesn't like doing indoor shots in artificial lighting either...

  3. I love it the tee is beautiful it is my favorite kind!! When I lived in California one of the local nurseries sold trees for $6 that were wonderful. I have an artificial tree now which I said i would NEVER do. but it's a no expense thing an an easier thing. This year like every yeary year I thought about getting a fresh tree and the prices had me go to to the attic again. I love your tree and that it's in your yard is wowzas. The way it's decorated is precious and catching Andrew kissing the snowman is one happy moment. It's a merry Christmas at your house! My Aunt makes sausage rolls that are so delicious, the sausage is in pie dough....

  4. tree not tee I cannot spell or type.