Sunday, September 9, 2012

Terrific Two

I took some photos of Evan after church a couple weeks ago. I photographed Jonah at the same age in the same cowboy hat, but it's considerably more beaten up now.  (The photos of Jonah were on film, and if I scanned and posted them on this blog, I sure can't find them...)

I've spent the last hour playing with these photos in Lightroom.  (!!! Yes, indeed! An extravagant gift that I'm having fun with now that I have a computer that can run it!  And since it's Sunday afternoon, I figure I can let the house go to pot while I play.)

I think this is my favorite with a grainy, old-timey feel.

But then there's this, motion-blur and all, because two-year-olds are always in motion:

(Evan is Not My Favorite child... I don't pick favorites.  Really.  I just love two-year-olds.  A lot.)

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  1. Love Lightroom 4. Only software I edit with.