Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worst Sourdough Ever

Okay, maybe not worst ever, but not good.  (I've made some pretty bad bread in my time.)

We've had temps in the upper 90s here.  Making sourdough bread in the heat presents special challenges as it is, and taking a shortcut in attempt to avoid heating up the house first thing in the morning doesn't really help.

I've had trouble making cheese as well lately because it's often easier to warm the milk than to cool it, and the heat is making it hard to maintain the proper temperatures.  But the good news is that when you're working with microbes in your food (and it's better to work with them than to fight them!), it's not so much a matter of failure as it is of making adjustments.  What I'm saying is, it isn't bad, it's just... different.

Bread pudding, anyone?


  1. Mine has been coming out great with half whole wheat flour. I don't have to be careful about any of the steps. Great starter is why I guess. But of course it is nothing close to "hot" out here.

  2. Maybe this is why my sour dough is always bad. I mean, it gets REAL hot down here.'ve given me something to think about. Although, now that I live in a *fancy* parsonage with insulation and all, I bet it would be just fine. Something else to think about...too much thinking!