Friday, August 26, 2011

Mean Mommy

I am! Really.

Mean, that is.


I make my six-year-old do all the work.

Then I take pictures while my baby cries.

He can really throw a fit when he tries.  But doesn't he look like such a faker in that photo? 

And he's so cute, even when he's crying.

Aw, poor little snot-face.

I let them play, though, too.

Oh, boy, do I ever.  Nathan came home tonight and looked around and said, "Wow, looks like someone had a fun day today."  Between Evan's myriad messes, and Jonah's castle and our "ocean bottom depth sounding" project this afternoon, this place is a disaster.

This kid just goes from one mess to another all day long.  My house looks like a bomb went off in it.

Someone please tell me why I even have this basket of baby toys in the living room?  I should box it all up for Goodwill because seriously, it never even gets looked at.

Evan is just SO busy now.  He's becoming a toddler right before my eyes.  His favorite trick is "free-standing".  He thinks it's great and does it at every opportunity.  He took three steps by himself the other night, but hasn't attempted it since.  He always just sits down and crawls.  It's easier that way.  But I'm sure more steps are to come.

I think I forget that he's actually a toddler.  He's so little, and he can't walk, so he's a baby, right? But then he goes and writes all over Jonah's math book with a pen, or, you know, eats dishwasher soap, and I think, "Hey, babies don't do this kind of thing!" and then remember that he's getting past babyhood really, really fast.

The things he thinks of to do just crack me up.  He went into the mudroom today and started bringing shoes, one by one, into the living room.  Then he sat inside the door and threw them all back into the mudroom.  Then he brought me one of my sandals and put it on my foot, then off, then on, then off, for a solid five minutes.  When he tired of this, he put the sandal in my lap and climbed up and held the sandal.  When I threw it down, he got down with an air of great urgency and got the sandal again.  Tossed up the sandal and climbed up again.  I put it down and we did it all again.  Why?  I have no idea.  It's just so nonsensical.

I just love toddlers.  They may be trouble-makers, but I love them.

I'm like, totally the laziest blogger ever.  Here I am, sending you off to look at everyone elses Lodge blog posts, instead of writing more of my own.  They're so good, and really, what more could I say?  Well, I suppose I could surely think of something.  And perhaps I will.  But for now, check these out!

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  1. I"m just so glad your enjoying all of this. Why wouldn't their blogs be good? They had your families food and baby to work with. I"m a lazy blogger too and I'm not pregnant my bum just hurts when I sit. Evan is beautiful especially when he is faking.

  2. Katie, I love the pictures. Thank you so very much for posting them. Babies don't stay babies very long. There is nothing like holding them at that age.

  3. I *love* that you take pictures of your crying baby, know when he's faking it, and call him "poor little snot-face". I think it's precisely because you know when NOT to take your kids too seriously that you enjoy them as you do! It's certainly how I cope...

  4. Put those 6 year olds to work! That's what I say!

    Your weekend at the lodge looks wonderful. Like you guys had so much fun! And your mom! Holy smokes! She's super cool!