Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Company

Jonah and Evan had been playing with their visiting Minnesota cousins!

I just love it when they have playmates.

It's always so fun to have family visit.  It doesn't happen often since we live so far from everyone.  But when it does happen, it's a treat!  

The only damper on the whole visit has been the oppressive heat.  The kids have managed just fine, but somehow I can't see myself barreling down the slip'n'slide, no matter how fun they make it look.

I envy the babies who can just be naked.

I envy the kids a little, too.  They seem to barely notice the heat.  They run, they sweat, they drink all the milk in the fridge (which is great cuz we have a surplus and I have no energy for making cheese!), they play, they dress up in ridiculously hot clothes because it furthers their general play experience.  And I, great wuss that I am, lie in front of the fan and drink ice water and nurse a headache.  Then I move the fan to the kitchen and stand in front of it with my ice water while I make food, and then I take several cold showers.  My love for summer is undimmed, but this is pushing my limits, I have to say.

At least good company makes it all a little more fun.

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  1. I love having a house full of family.
    My kids are not impervious to hot weather. I tried to force them out the door at 8:00 this morning. ALready to hot and humid. Blurg. We are going to be heading to Michigan next month. I was hoping for a break in the hot weather!