Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do You Get Tired of Hearing About Spring?

If so, um, too bad.  It's my favorite topic right now.  It's been so wet and cold for so long now that I just can't get enough of the sun now.

To the point of pain, actually.  Ah, sunburn, my old friend.

We've just been hammered lately by severe thunderstorms, including one on Sunday that may be the most violent I've ever seen.  It was actually a little frightening.  Many of my perennials were laid completely flat by the wind.  One elderberry was just giant, and is now laying all over the ground and I need to find some way to prop it up.  

Some of the plants, like the little tomatoes that I put out a few weeks ago, are on the verge of drowning from all the rain. Others, like those hostas in that photo, are loving the rain to the point of becoming dinosaur food.  I've never seen that plant get that big!

So the hostas like it, but I'm starting to feel a little rot starting to set in.  I'm thankful for the few days of sunshine to dry me out!

Today the ground is finally dried out a little, just enough to put some plants in the ground, so that's how we spent the morning.

And now... nap time.  Then back to work.


  1. He is SOOOOoooooo adorable!

  2. Nope. Never get tired of hearing about spring. Especially since it's full on summer here already. Remember in the winter when I was trying to entice you into moving to Texas? Well it was 103 degrees today. Uh-huh. Without a lick of rain. It's rained ONCE in 6 months.

    Those hostas are killing me! So beautiful!